Moore Family's Heirlooms Survive Tornado, Get Stolen From Storage Facility

Friday, July 26th 2013, 5:59 pm
By: News 9

A family is gripping with the reality that they may never see some heirlooms again, even though the priceless mementos made it through the Moore tornado.

An apparent thief stole the items from a storage unit on Wednesday.

When the manager for the American Self Storage facility near Main St. and 24th Ave. NW was making her rounds, she noticed that several of the storage units had been broken into. Whoever did it ripped off the piece of garage where the lock was attached.

Kristi Jones said the person got away with her mother's power tools and two family trunks that contained some of their most priceless memories like baby outfits and photo albums.

"It's just violating. With a tornado there's no one to blame, there's no one to be mad at. This is infuriating because you just are like, feel so violated. It's the worst form of violation so yeah, it's just disgusting," said Jones.

There are no security cameras around the property other than at the front gates. The facility's manager says she doubts they'll be able to figure out who did it based on the security footage.

The family said that Norman police took a report and told them to keep an eye open at area pawn shops in case the thief tries to sell the stolen items.