OKC Getting Huge Number Of Tall Grass Complaints

Tuesday, August 13th 2013, 6:18 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

This wet weather is great for our lawns, except for those who are not mowing like they are supposed to. Oklahoma City says they are seeing a huge number of overgrowth complaints.

To date this year, the city has taken 15,930 complaints of tall grass.

"Our tall grass is the number one complaint that we get in the city," said Beth Crounse, who heads up the city's action center.

Crounse's team takes the call then Code Enforcement Officers then check it out. Officers currently have a list of about 125 properties a day.

Still, with 621 square miles to cover, the city depends on citizens to let them know where there is a problem.

"We want people to report overgrown properties to us, because it's not good for the city it draws bugs and pests and if you're living next door to something like that or across the street, you're not happy," Crounse said.

You can submit a complaint online,  or call 405 297-2535.