My 2 Cents: President Obama Delays ObamaCare

Tuesday, August 13th 2013, 11:27 pm
By: News 9

If the Oklahoma legislature passed a historic law, and the governor signed it, would it be acceptable for the governor, a year later, to change her mind and say, I don't think this part of the law will really works right now so we're not going to enforce it?

Likewise, can President Obama just ignore the time table established in HIS health care law which he rammed through Congress?

Apparently he can.

He's done it again... way back in February, but apparently nobody outside the White House knew it until now because it was so obscured by legalese.

The President has delayed what was touted as one of the biggest savings Americans would see under Obamacare, he's postponed limiting how much money medical care would cost each one of us..each year.

The White House blames logistical problems.

Last month he postponed another big part that requires large employers to provide health coverage to their workers.

These were 2 key selling points in Obamacare, and delaying them makes them appear increasingly unrealistic.

Supporters insist these delays are logical and within the President's authority.

But it sure seems to me like the White House is incrementally re-writing a historically controversial law that divided Congress and the American people.