Don't Miss Blitz Tonight With Barry Switzer And Pat Jones

Sunday, August 25th 2013, 10:23 pm
By: Dean Blevins

Barry Switzer and Pat Jones join John Holcomb and me live in-studio tonight on the Blitz at 10:25 p.m. Mike Gundy sat down with John for an exclusive 1-on-1 that looks really good.

Naturally, we'll talk the QBs in Norman and Stillwater. Coach and I talked earlier in the week about comparing one of his QBs to Trevor Knight, who won the starting job when the coaches were impressed with his duel-threat capability. Coach agreed that JC Watts was his best duel-threat QB and he'll expound on that with some video we've found.

Pat will give his take on this year's Cowboys who has seen in person. It should be the best honest take on the strengths and weaknesses of the Pokes.

We'll discuss the power of recruiting. Switzer's remarkable run was made possible by his unmatched ability to recruit--primarily winning the black athlete over Texas and other primary opponents. I went back and checked a fact so I wouldn't be tossing out something that was exaggerated. What I'd thought and often said was true. The year I started there were nine players in the backfield who were drafted in the NFL. NINE. That's 3-deep at FB, right HB and left HB. Sims, Peacock and Overstreet first-rounders. King and Ivory in the second. It's ridiculous to think one team would have five backs on the same team who'd be taken in the first two rounds. Seven players taken in the top six rounds.

Anyway, Switzer's ability to consistently recruit elite talent was the key to the success helped him coach three nat'l title teams, a dozen conference title teams and make it into the College Football Hall of Fame.

It's my firm opinion that OU's inability to recruit at the level that elevated the program from the sub-500 days of John Blake to the Bob Stoops period when he led teams to four national title game appearances.

Losing remarkable recruiters including Darrell Wyatt (now at Texas), Kevin Sumlin (A/M) and Brent Venables (Clemson) was a blow. Their replacements have strengths, but matching the results of just those three guys has proven hard to do. You've gotta have a staff that enjoys recruiting, can relate to 18-year olds and close the deal. Credit Stoops for a major upgrade with the ability the three new coaches have to recruit hard and successfully. And with energy.

The questions are, how will OU do with the current talent base and depth? And how long will it take to re-stock the talent and depth base to elite standards? I don't think the question is "will they be able to re-stock?" But rather, "when" will they re-stock. Stoops didn't decide to stick around and not get back to winning more recruiting battles.

Gotta get ready for the Blitz right now, but we'll discuss this tonight and I'll write more on it later. I look forward to your input.

See you on TV!