Caddo County Detention Center Escapees Still At Large

Sunday, October 27th 2013, 11:15 pm
By: News 9

The Caddo County Sheriff's Office has launched a manhunt for four inmates who escaped Sunday from the county jail by using a trap door in the bathroom.

The men could be armed and dangerous, according to Sheriff Gene Cain. Cain says just before 3 a.m. Sunday, the men unscrewed a small door above their showers. They climbed up into a vent and crawled out to freedom.

"Above the showers, they have a door that goes in between the ceiling and roof where all the pipes run and the water and the air condition vents, a sprinkling system, gas line and different cut off gauges," said Cain. "Just a small area; somehow they were able to get the door off the hatch and crawl in this space. They kind of followed the pipe to where it came down into a room, which is outside actually the jail to a door."

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The jail learned about the escape when someone called to report four men in inmate jumpsuits running down the street. The men took off those orange jumpsuits two blocks from the jail, and there's been no trace of them since Sunday morning.

Cain says this escape was the first time anyone has broken out of the 2-year-old detention center.

Authorities are searching for Dylan Ray Three Irons, Prime Brown, Thomas Wesley Johnson and Triston Cheadle. Three had been sentenced and were awaiting transfer to a state prison. They were convicted on drug charges and one for burglary. The other is a federal inmate, who was awaiting trial on a gun charge.

At one point, roads in and out of Anadarko were blocked and people were told to stay inside their homes.

Statewide law enforcement searched all highways and county roads. They also checked homes of friends and family of the inmates. It was startling news for Anadarko residents.

"I'm more alert today, more on my toes today, whenever we were out here working on this," said long-time Anadarko resident Adam Davidson, who was setting up Halloween decorations.

"Also, I have that concern of not being safe at all because you never know what they could get ahold of, or if someone's helping them at all."

The sheriff says all four men were local guys. No stolen cars were reported, but Cain says the men are considered be armed and dangerous. Anyone with information on where these escapees could be should call 911.