OKC Man Arrested For Having Bomb In Car Faces More Charges

Tuesday, January 14th 2014, 10:40 pm
By: News 9

A man arrested for having a bomb in his car Monday at a northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex is now charged with much more than making a bomb.

Spencer Griffith is currently being held in the Oklahoma County jail for assault and battery, first degree burglary, second degree burglary, possession of burglary tools, indecent exposure and manufacturing an explosive device.

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Court records said Griffith went to The Cottages on Hefner Road on Sunday and knocked on Hailey Barnwell's door.

"I had somebody banging on my door and window violently," explained Barnwell.

Barnwell said when she opened the door, Griffith exposed himself to her.

"It turned out the man was naked and tried to force his way into my house, and I pushed him off of me, and then at that time, he grabbed his clothes to the side and took off running," said Barnwell.

The probable cause affidavit stated Griffith admitted to returning to the same apartments Monday.

He said he stole a red skill saw from a truck in the parking lot then used lock picking tools to break into Barnwell's mailbox.

According to court documents, "The defendant said he looked through all of the mail and then kept a letter."

Police said they found the red skill saw, the lock pick set and Barnwell's letter in Griffith's car along with the bomb Griffith is accused of bringing to the complex.

The discovery shut down a stretch of Hefner Road and caused a partial evacuation of the complex.

Court documents stated police said Griffith admitted to making the bomb with a CO2 cartridge and a green fuse.

Officers said they also found two empty CO2 cartridges, more fuse and explosive powder in Griffith's car.

News 9 spoke with one of Griffith's friends.

"He was a good guy, you know, and I still believe he is. He knows what is right and wrong, he's just in a bad place right now," Shaun Brown said.

Brown lived with Griffith for two years, but said he hasn't spoken to Griffith in about a year. He said Griffith has a lot of mechanical skills and is fascinated with explosives, but would never use a bomb to hurt someone.

"He just takes it to a larger level, not even thinking that it's illegal. He just goes out to the countryside and shoots guns and likes to blow things up," Brown said.

Brown said he does not condone anything Griffith is accused of doing at the apartment complex, but wanted people to know that Griffith is a human being and deserves to have his side heard.

Management at The Cottages on Hefner Road released this statement:

"In light of recent events, The Cottages at Hefner Road would like to make a public statement in regards to the situation that took place Monday, January 13, 2014. We regret that the situation took place at our complex, but we are beyond thankful that everyone at our complex and surrounding area is safe. While the situation was very unfortunate and dangerous, it is because of our diligent and watchful residents, the City of Oklahoma City Police Department and the OCPD Bomb Squad that we were able to avoid a potentially catastrophic situation. The suspect was not a resident of The Cottages and was in fact trespassing on our premises. Although we cannot guarantee 100% safety, The Cottages at Hefner Road has and always will strive to provide a safe place for our residents to call home. We are able to do this with the help of our residents, the City of Oklahoma City Police Department and Oklahoma Security Services, LLC, who provides our after-hours security service. The Cottages at Hefner Road will continue to be diligent and thorough in our qualifying process, which for the record is above the average industry standard. We want to thank everyone who assisted in the capture of the suspect, the removal of the bomb threat, and for keeping our residents and surrounding neighbors safe."