Man Believed To Be Seen With Missing OK Girl Arrested Again

Tuesday, January 21st 2014, 7:40 pm
By: News 9

James Conn Nipp, one of the men believed to be with Molly Miller the night she was last seen, is in trouble with law enforcement again.

Monday night, Nipp led Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troopers on a high-speed chase through parts of Love County after he allegedly sped through a stop sign.

Capt. Ronnie Hampton, Troop Commander, said the chase hit speeds of 80-90 MPH on narrow roads. This is not the first time police have chased Nipp. He was arrested two weeks ago for taking Wilson Police and Love County Deputies on a chase the night Molly Miller was last seen.

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According to court documents, a witness told investigators that he saw Miller in the back seat of the car Nipp was driving, earlier that night.

"Every car chase with him as been a blatant disregard for anybody else's property and anybody else that may be traveling on those roads. Very dangerous person," said Hampton. "The trooper was able to perform a successful TVI (tactical vehicle intervention), which took the pickup truck and the patrol car into a ditch."

That was when the trooper got a good look at the driver and identified him as Conn Nipp. Nipp was able to maneuver the pickup truck out of the ditch and took off down a gravel road. A second trooper continued the pursuit but poor visibility due to the dust kicked up on the gravel road caused the trooper to lose control and crash into a tree.

"Nipp turned back westbound. Busting through a gate, and then traveling through pastures, running through fences, very similar to the route and the characteristics to the July the seventh pursuit," said Hampton. "We actually located the pickup truck that we had been chasing, about 65-70 yards southwest of the residence that Conn Nipp stay in."

Hampton said that neither trooper was injured. Troopers arrested Nipp at the house. Hampton told News 9 that Nipp did not show any signs of impairment and did not resist arrest. He added that every time investigators have tried to question Nipp about the pursuits or Molly Miller's disappearance, he has refused to talk.