OK Craigslist Predator Out On Probation, Fails To Register As Sex Offender

Tuesday, February 11th 2014, 7:06 pm
By: News 9

A convicted Craigslist predator is out of jail on probation.

Teddy Davis spent approximately a year and half in prison for molesting a 6-year-old autistic boy.

In a plea agreement with Cleveland County Prosecutors, Davis admitted he responded to a sex ad on Craigslist that led to an invitation to Jonathan Smith's home in Moore.

Once there, the two men carried out a sex crime against the child. Court records show Davis fondled the boy while Smith watched and touched himself.

Davis pleaded guilty to lessen his punishment.

He spent less than two years in prison. He is now out on probation, and nearly a week after his release, Davis has not registered as a sex offender.

Department of Corrections officials said, Tuesday afternoon, there was some sort of mix-up with the paperwork. D.O.C.'s Jerry Massie said, "Sex offenders have three days to register with the state." Davis failed to do so in six days.

The D.O.C. claimed Davis would appear on the sex offender registry soon. Officials claimed he had been in contact with his probation officer, but some feel that is not enough.

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"I want stronger punishment for those people who perpetrated on our children," Stacy McNeiland is frustrated. She was a victim of child abuse and is now the Chief Executive Officer of The CARE Center, a non-profit that deals with the investigation and treatment of child sexual and physical abuse.

McNeiland sees the reality that often the abuser's punishment does not fit the crime.

"I think we have stronger jail times for drug crimes here in Oklahoma, and so we have our priorities backward, our children have to come first," said McNeiland. "We have to send a strong message to everyone out there in Oklahoma that this is not acceptable."

She worries Davis, like other child abusers, will reoffend. Davis has an extensive criminal record, and the failure to initially register as a sex offender after his release is even more troubling.

"I think it is tragic for the state of Oklahoma and for our children," said McNeiland. "Our smallest little citizens need to be protected."

Davis was added to the registry by close of business on Tuesday.

Davis' co-defendant, Smith, is still in the Cleveland County Jail waiting to be transferred into D.O.C. custody.

He will serve 85% of a seven-year prison sentence. The remainder of his punishment will be carried out with probation.