Bricktown Bass Pro Shopper Shares Experience From Accidental Shooting

Monday, March 3rd 2014, 10:45 pm
By: News 9

A shopper who was in the Bass Pro Shops store in Bricktown when a boy accidentally shot his dad shared her experience.

Oklahoma City police said the father and son are from Texas and were shopping Saturday night for a gun holster.

The female shopper wanted to remain anonymous but spoke with News 9 over the phone.

"Everybody was in there having a good time and then you hear this loud bang! And everybody just kind of got real silent," she said.

She said she was panicked when she heard the gunshot.

"Do I need to run or do I need to go see what happened? And after that, not even ten seconds later, there was just a... it's still in my head... a blood-curdling scream," she said.

As a parent, she said the safety of the boy was her biggest concern.

"I could see some people were starting to come towards the front, but then when they heard the child scream, all these adults just took off toward where the kid was," the woman explained.

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According to Oklahoma City police, the 5-year-old boy was with his dad in a dressing room while the dad was trying on a gun holster.

The dad said he put his own holster and Glock 9 millimeter down on the bench and moments later, the boy picked up the gun and fired it.

The hollow point bullet struck the boy's hand and his dad's leg.

The father said he threw the gun on the ground and yelled for someone to call 911.

"There was a guy standing there, holding the little boy in his arms and all I could see was some blood splatter on his arm," she explained. "There were employees taking off their shirts and I guess tending to someone on the floor and by then, they were pushing everybody out of the way."

None of the injuries were life threatening.

"Obviously, a very scary situation and it could have had a much different ending," said OCPD Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow.

Police said the dad has a Texas concealed carry license.

News 9 spoke with the family, and they said everyone is out of the hospital and doing good.

Oklahoma City police said while this looks like an accident, any charges will be up to the Oklahoma County District Attorney.

Statement from Bass Pro Shops Director of Communications Tammy Sapp:

"Bass Pro Shops is committed to our customers' well-being should an emergency arise. This is why each Bass Pro Shops store has a dedicated operations support department and a manger on duty every hour that a store is open. In the event of an emergency, our protocol requires immediately contacting the appropriate first responder. In addition, we strive to maintain good working relationships with local first responders in markets where we operate."

Sapp also mentioned that all Bass Pro managers receive CPR and AED training from the American Heart Association.