OK Man Disappears After Making Strange Call For Help

Wednesday, March 12th 2014, 11:27 pm
By: News 9

Investigators said they have little to go on in the search for a missing Oklahoma man.

Eugene Williams called the Beckham County Sheriff's Office early on March 2, 2014, saying some of its deputies were chasing him and he crashed while trying to get away. Williams had actually crashed near Bessie in Washita County, but did not realize it.

His call to the non-emergency sheriff's line was about six minutes long.

Williams is heard telling the Beckham County Sheriff's Office, "I'm trying to talk. I'm not loaded. I'm just super cold. I ran through a fence and parked in this farm yard."

The sheriff's office employee asked Williams where he was.

"I'm not sure. They chased me. They chased me for quite a while," Williams said.

The sheriff's office employee explained to him that no one with the Beckham County Sheriff's Office was chasing him. Williams said he still thought some law enforcement agency was chasing him. He said he was walking in a field with a lot of canyons.

"I just fell from a 20-foot drop. Hold on, I'm having a real difficulty walking in the dark," he said on the audio recording.

The Washita County Sheriff's Office said law enforcement has pinged Williams' cell phone, scoured the area using the Oklahoma Highway Patrol helicopter and deployed cadaver dogs twice. They found Williams' car three miles west of Bessie on County Road 1120 and now, they are expanding the search area to find him.

On the audio call, Williams is exhausted and cold. He finally said he needed to hang up to get out of the canyon he was in and said he would call 911. The Beckham County Sheriff's Office employee who answered Williams' call reiterated the need for him to call 911 from his cell.

She said, "Can you call 911 when you call again and that way, maybe they can get a location?"

Williams said, "Ok, alrighty, thank you, ma'am," before hanging up

Law enforcement officials never heard from him again. The Washita County Sheriff said Williams has no history of mental illness or drug problems.

If you have any information on Eugene Williams, call the Washita County Sheriff's Office at (580) 832-2370.