Man Driving Cross County In Effort To End Hunger, Homelessness

Wednesday, March 19th 2014, 7:43 pm
By: News 9

In 2012, just fewer than 50 million Americans were unsure where their next meal was coming from. And that fact alone has driven one man to act.

During his cross-country road trip to raise hunger awareness, Bob Graham has seen it all. A truck driver for over 20 years, Graham is now retired. So to stay busy, he's back on the road, this time for a purpose.

Graham has spent his life on the road, but never like this.

"That's a walk in the park, that's easy compared to this," said Graham.

He is equipped with just $66 a day and this super bright orange sedan.

"You can see this thing from the space shuttle," said Graham.

Bob is traveling to all 50 states while living in this highlighter on wheels, so he can highlight homelessness and hunger. He hopes to raise enough money to buy 12.5 million meals nationwide.

"I always had a passion to help people, but that really brought it to the surface," said Graham.

Bob's brother died homeless almost five years ago. He had no idea until the state police knocked on his door to deliver the bad news. Graham feels his brother was just too proud to ask for help.

"I think about my brother and what he must have went through and that keeps pushing me."

So after 14 states in 17 days, Bob is now in OKC, bagging food items for the City Rescue Mission. The rescue mission already served over 22,000 people in the last year alone.

"Anything we can do to make awareness," said Tom Jones

Once the mission closes, Bob will get back on the road again driving out hunger across the nation.

"If we all just come together a little bit at a time we can make a change," said Graham.

From here Bob will head to New Mexico. And if you're curious, he will be flying to Hawaii and Alaska.

Bob is raising money by selling his song "Now or Never." You can buy Bob's song here.