City Develops 'Plan OKC' Survey To Project Future Growth

Tuesday, March 25th 2014, 7:46 pm
By: News 9

Imagine yourself in 10, maybe 20 years. It's not that easy, and for an entire city, it could be harder. So, Oklahoma City officials are asking for our opinion. 

What direction do you want to see the city grow? Do you want the city to build new? Or restore what we already have? Do you want more single family homes? Or apartments?

Questions we could all be facing for the future of OKC.

As a Jimmy John's sandwich messenger, Austin Steiner requires a helmet, peddles and a bell.

When thinking about the future of his city, not much is needed to get those wheels turning.

"I would like to see it grow upwards than outwards, and I think that's how a lot of cities have done," Steiner said.

City officials have recognized that Austin's preferences are not everyone's preferences.

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"We've realized the city also has to invest in the community, and we want to guide growth to the where the cities investment and the private investment is where people want," City Representative Aubrey Hammontree said.

After months of research, Aubrey Hammontree and the city have developed a survey on

The survey includes a series of questions where citizens can see projected growth methods to accommodate an estimate 300,000 extra citizens by 2050.

Options laid out for you as A, B and C. The red line is the urbanized area, and the dark green are potential areas of high density. Each option comes with its own pros and cons.

"We wanted to just lay it out and let people say, I like the way we're going however it may impact my pocket book," said Hammontree. "Or alternatives for people to say they would like to walk or ride their bike to work."

Just like Steiner.

"The public has a lot to say, and I think we should listen," Steiner said.

Click here to learn more and take the survey.