Plaza Towers Memorial Plans Released

Friday, April 11th 2014, 5:47 pm
By: News 9

A memorial at Plaza Towers Elementary School is being constructed to honor the lives of the seven children who died when the May 20 tornado hit the school. Parents said the plans were above and beyond their expectations.

"I miss him so bad," said Stacey McCabe, whose son was one of the students killed. "You never caught him without a smile. Even the day he died he had a smile on his face, I know it. Even as terrified as he was. I can see him trying to calm everyone else down."

Stacey was proud of what Nick accomplished during his short time on earth.

"He gave time. He gave friendship, he gave love and he gave it so abundantly," said McCabe. "And all of the kids did. I mean Emily, I can see her dancing out there chasing the butterflies. Or Christopher and Kyle throwing the football."

Stacey McCabe can close her eyes and remember moments just like those so vividly. Soon she won't even have to close her eyes to see what made her son and his friends so happy. The memorial will include seven benches carved with images representing each child.

"I go to the school even though it hurts, even though nick's not going to run around the corner," said McCabe. "He just was an all-out fun kid. So if you sit on that bench, you're going to be able to feel the fun, funness of a 9-year-old that just loved life."

Silhouettes of the children will shine bright at the school's entrance and carved rays of sun will radiate from the site symbolizing how much life the seven children had inside.

"He loved everybody and to be able to go there and feel his love, to be able to touch his name that he wrote," said McCabe. "To me it's healing. To me it's going to be healing for all of us to be able to go down there and heal."

The plan is to have the memorial in place before school opens. Organizers said it will cost $180,000 and would be funded through private donations.

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