My 2 Cents: High School Police Officers

Wednesday, April 16th 2014, 10:17 pm
By: News 9

Folks, high school isn't what it was when we went.

Back in the day, a fight was usually something that happened after school, off school property. There were a few punches thrown and a lot of wrestling around. We didn't have or need a police officer at our school. If a principal got involved everyone straightened up.

Now most larger high schools have police officers. Why is that? Because, let's face it the kids are more violent and lack respect for authority. And now the ACLU in Texas is trying to take away the school police officers' less than lethal weapons, tasers specifically, but also pepper spray. That's foolish.

Don't waste your time writing in saying something ridiculous like ‘I want to see kids tasered.' What I want is for an officer, a solitary man in most cases, who might have to break up a fight between several teenagers to be able to do it without pulling out his gun.

Just Monday in Round Rock, Texas a school officer had to break up a fight between seven to 10 teenagers. He had to use his taser to bring it under control.

How the ACLU can't understand that a taser is the least dangerous way to stop a fight is beyond me, but I certainly hope Texas doesn't tie the hands of its school resource officers.