Police Search For Suspects In NW OKC Storage Unit Thefts

Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 5:27 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City police are looking for someone who broke into several storage units in northwest Oklahoma City.

And for one woman, he took more than her valuables, he took priceless memories and research too.

That thief ransacked at least three units at the Secure Care Storage location near N.W. 10th near MacArthur.

The police report states he had a code to get into and out of the place. But surveillance cameras were able to get a shot of his truck. The surveillance video shows the driver and his truck as it drives into the storage place. And while cameras did not catch him loading up the truck, it did catch him as he left with the back of his bed completely full of stuff.

Skylar Robinson sure hopes Oklahoma City police catch the crafty crook. She says he not only ransacked her unit, he took priceless antiques -along with countless other things.

"My mortuary school text books and all of my family," said Robinson. "That's really what hurts the most is all the photos, my whole life's history they carted out in one swoop."

Skylar says the thief took all of the instruments she had packed up.

"They also stole my songbooks with all the songs I had written in the past five years," said Robinson.

She says the thief also took years worth of research she had collected for her Master's degree too.

"I can't go back on that because my research subject is now dead. So it is gone forever. I have to start over and do another five years of research that I've been doing since I was 20," said Robinson. "So that's what I'm really upset about all the personal stuff they took to be hurtful."

Skylar says she can even see some of her priceless heirlooms in the video. And what's worse is that none of Skylar's stuff was insured.

"I was like surely if anyone ever broke in they would be like what is all this garbage and leave," said Robinson. "It just never occurred there would a be a thief in town who has the same terrible taste that I do."

Skylar did hand out a sheet listing all the items she had taken to local thrift stores and pawn shops. But still no luck recovering any of those items.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers.