Alleged Victim Testifies Against Former Teacher Charged With Rape

Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 7:44 pm
By: News 9

Alleged victim testifies against former high school teacher charged with rape.

Tyrone Nash is accused of having sex with a Western Heights student in 2011.

"It's going well," Tyrone Nash was a man of few words today. Instead, he was all ears, apparently, listening to every word of testimony during day one of the rape trial.

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The alleged victim testified she had a relationship with Nash from 2010 to 2011.

She told the court it began when she and some friends stole Coach Nash's phone from the gym at Western Heights High School in order to get his phone number.

She claimed they then texted Nash as a prank.

Her testimony also revealed, she later texted Nash when she was drunk at a party.

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Although, she could not recall many of the details of that conversation, she told Judge Jerry Bass that Nash offered to pick her up from the party so they could wrestle. She said the two unexpectedly had sex that night.

The next day, she texted Nash that "she didn't want it to happen again" but said they had sex on at least 10 different occasions. She said they also had oral sex a number of times.

Evidence also revealed the two exchanged more than 4,000 text messages before police were notified.

Then, the defense worked to point out holes in her testimony, claiming the alleged victim crafted a story to get off the hook with her parents who were upset about her homosexuality.

Although the defense revealed to the court several inconsistencies in the victim's testimony, when she was asked if it was all a lie she said "no."

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Prosecutors also called a second witness, the doctor who performed an examination of Nash's genitals, as well as a friend of the alleged victim.

The victim declined an on-camera interview following her testimony.

The State and the defense both agreed to waive the jury trial. Judge Bass will determine Nash's fate. The bench trial will resume on Wednesday morning.