Your 2 Cents: 'Error' In Palcohol Approval

Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 10:16 pm
By: News 9

The government approved a new form of powdered alcohol that can be dumped into a glass of water to make a cocktail, but after swift and critical reaction yesterday, they reversed the decision on palcohol for the time being.

Here's what you had to say about it…

Julie first:

"Even if they did reverse the dicision yesterday it will be approved later. Shame, shame."

Curtis said:

"..don't worry about lives lost cause the drink is all that matters! Good job gubment!"

Lyndal wrote:

"..the government is doing a lot of things which is destroying our moral Fiber. We need help in keeping the kids safe not destroying them."

From Josh:

"'ll only be a matter of time before some kids get hold of this stuff and either snort, try dumping the bag directly into their mouths, or figure out some other way to ingest it..."

Elizabeth said:

"I was wondering how many people who try to eat it like candy..."

Molly wrote:

"That is the dumbest thing ever. Not a good idea... Gone are the days of common sense."

And Jeannie added:

"..common sense walked out and in came absolute foolishness.."

Kendra asked:

"This is being approved, but cannabis isn't??"

Finally, Ronald wrote:

" are going to get a hold on anything and try to smoke it or snort it.. so what makes the difference just let them do it..."