News 9 Gets A Look Inside Company That Makes Thunder Playoff Tees

Friday, May 9th 2014, 6:38 pm
By: News 9

Tuesday night at Chesapeake arena, 20,000 strong will be decorated in either a blue or white Thunder T-shirt. And the makers of these T-shirts are just as proud as the design.

"People love it and it shows how proud they are to be here in Oklahoma," said owner of USA Printing and Embroidery Chris Johnson.

There's a good chance you've seen Chris Johnson's work on TV, but a slim chance you've seen his work on the factory floor. Owner and operator of USA Screen Printing and Embroidery, Johnson is also a proud Thunder fan.

"Oh yeah, [I am a] big Thunder fan," said Johnson.

He's says he is also a proud business partner with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

"My dreams have come true with the Thunder, no doubt."

And those dreams are worn on the sleeves and chest of every fan at every playoff game the Peak, because for each game, USA Printing prints 20,000 T-shirts at a rate of 4,000 an hour!

"Four different colors hitting on this shirt as it goes around this press. It's stressful. It really is."

The designs are selected months in advance, and each game day Johnson and his crew takes the shirts to the arena around 10 a.m. From there the shirts are placed in the seats by arena staff.

"We do the best job and get it out the fastest that anyone right here in Oklahoma."

And being the self-proclaimed fastest keeps business as good as Kevin Durant.

"It helps make our year, profit wise. It's a lot of hard work, but you know they're thrilled because it's Thunder. Thunder trusts us to get it out."

That trust goes above the rim when it comes to Johnson showing the shirt design before gates open.

"We can't show anyone while we're printing it. So don't show it."

Johnson also tells News 9 that if the Thunder win the title, Adidas will come to OKC and print the T-shirts at USA Screen Printing for Oklahoma.