$30K Worth Of Cattle Rustled From Logan County Ranch

Friday, May 9th 2014, 7:08 pm
By: News 9

A cattle rustler stole $30,000 worth of cattle from a Logan County ranch.

The suspected cattle rustler could face up to 25 counts of grand larceny, one for each head of cattle stolen from William Seay's ranch in Logan County.

As Seay pours a bag of feed into the trough, he warns the cattle will come running. In his 10 years on the ranch, he's learned every trick of the trade. So, it's easy for him to spot when someone has pulled a fast one.

"When I got here, there were no cows," Seay said he began looking around his property and soon realized someone had lured his cattle away. "I feel like he had some feed and tricked them."

The tire tracks led right to the corral. It's where Seay found some remnants of feed. He discovered the 25 head missing from the ranch, Monday, and immediately reported the theft to authorities. Logan County Sheriff's deputies were shocked at the enormity of the cattle rustling case.

"There were several fence panels that were damaged and moved out of the way," Logan County Deputy Chief Richard Stephens said the suspect made at least two trips to the property to remove the cattle.

The deputies and the US Department of Agriculture launched an investigation. Still, Seay insisted he would conduct one of his own.

"I just kept asking around and trying to find out who is selling cows," he said.

Eventually, Seay received a tip that his cattle were on a ranch in Oklahoma County.

"I pulled up on this property and they started sounding off cause they know my truck," said Seay.

Although several of the cows were not branded, Seay's identification was convincing enough for the whole herd to be returned to his ranch.

"I didn't think I would get them back, but I'm sure glad I did," Seay said as he added an extra lock to his property. "I thank God I got them back."

Authorities are not releasing the suspect's name, but plan to present the Logan County District Attorney with charges next week