Surveillance Camera Captures Weekend Crime Spree

Monday, May 12th 2014, 7:24 pm
By: News 9

Two people are behind bars in the Oklahoma County jail, and one man is still on the run. Bethany police crash their weekend crime spree, and the incident was caught on surveillance cameras.

News 9 was told this crime spree spans from Oklahoma City to Tuttle and ended up in Bethany at a car wash with surveillance cameras that caught these people in the act.

The surveillance video shows the first crook sneaking into the car wash wearing a red hat and red shirt covering his face. He goes straight for some computer equipment as his accomplice walks in and starts rifling through some other things inside the business. The two take their time looking for valuables and end up leaving with the locked registers, which had nothing inside.

Victor Avalos is the manager at the car wash at N.W. 39th Street and Council Road that was hit.

"After I just went in, started opening the place up, I noticed the door was broken," Avalos said.

He said the thieves didn't get away with anything during their crime spree. That's because cops caught two of them before they could leave in the stolen car they were driving.

"They took off to the woods as soon as they saw them," said Avalos. "And they left the car with all the stuff in it, and then they didn't take anything."

Police caught only two of the three people seen in this video, but Avalos said what they found on them was even more alarming.

"In the car there was a firearm, and on the female there was another firearm, so who knows if there was still a firearm with the one that got away," Avalos said.

Avalos just hopes they catch the third thief before he manages to make another clean getaway.

Right now Bethany police are not releasing any details on this reported crime spree, but we do know they booked in both a woman and a man, later identified as Destiny Ratliff and Michael Jons.