Tornado Victims Remember What It Was Like As Their Home Took A Direct Hit

Tuesday, May 20th 2014, 12:28 am
By: News 9

One year ago, Oklahoma was a dangerous place to be. A violent outbreak of tornadoes began this day and continued through the end of May. Lives were lost and homes destroyed, but with the Oklahoma Standard, the pieces are coming back together.

A lot of people in Carney say it's hard to believe it has been a year since their lives changed instantly.

News 9 talked to a couple who said they're just months away from moving into their dream home, one year later.

"What I remember the most about that day is God was ever present," Carney tornado survivor, Billy Field said.

For Billy and his wife, the road to now hasn't been easy.

"Dealing with the grief of the tornado and all the aftermath, and then the cleanup, and then you have to build a house," said Field. "It's hard."

A year ago today, Billy and his wife left their mobile home to take shelter in their parent's home next door.

"Me, my wife and her sister went in the bathroom," Field recalled. "We all huddled in the bathroom."

"And our house blew up, I mean it exploded and all that was left was the bathroom," another Carney tornado survivor, Kathy Perry said.

"And nobody thinks they're going to be a direct hit, and sure enough, it was a direct hit," Field said.

Today, Field said he's just thankful everyone made it out alive.

"I have never been so happy in my life," said Field. "I remember my joy. I remember how happy I was that we were alive."

"I was doing a lot of praying, and I believe in praying in tongues," said Perry. "And I tell ya, God just covered me up and when the walls fell on me, it was like throwing a blanket on me."

Billy Field and his wife said they plan to move into their home in about three months. They said that would not have been possible though without all the support they've gotten from their church and a number of relief organizations.