Nicoma Park Police Accuse Vandals Of Using Nails To Target Police Cars

Tuesday, May 27th 2014, 8:56 pm
By: News 9

Nicoma Park Officers are looking for the person who dumped several boxes of roofing nails on the side of the road.

The Nicoma Park police chief believes who ever dumped hundreds of nails in the same spot a police officer normally sits, is trying to get back at the department.

"Police usually sit right over there facing south," said Nicoma Park resident Lou Wallace. "It's just a good place for people who are speeding. Some people run that stop sign."

"They were all poured in the spot where one of my particular officers sits from time to time," said Nicoma Park police chief, Rob Groseclose.

Chief Groseclose says it's an unusual way to try and sabotage police patrols. It's also something he says he's never heard of.

"And it's obvious someone or some people see him there quite often, and it's obvious that it's someone who had some sort of negative dealing with an officer," said Groseclose.

Groseclose says officers have been doing saturation patrols at 36th and Westminster, but he says a criminal is obviously trying to slow that process down.

"It would slow me down too," said Wallace.

Saturday night an officer pulled up to his usual spot and noticed hundreds of roofing nails in his way.

"First thing I thought was, being thankful that we actually saw them before we actually drove over them. I mean, that's kind of a big deal," said Groseclose.

A roofer in town loaned the department a roofing nail magnet.

Groseclose says he's not sure when the nails were dumped, but they have picked up as many as possible.

"It just shows me that we're making a dent in what's going on out here," said Groseclose.

Anyone with any suspect information is urged to call Nicoma Park Police.