OKC Man Arrested, Accused Of Brutally Beating Girlfriend

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014, 12:10 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City man is facing charges for felony domestic abuse after allegedly beating his girlfriend in an alcohol-fueled rage, Monday evening.

Police arrested 29-year-old Andrew Codynah for the crime of domestic assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

According to the report, police officers responding to an assault call at a northwest OKC apartment complex spotted a woman, covered in blood, walking through the courtyard in a seemingly catatonic state. Officers on scene said the woman's face was very swollen and that the side of her head looked caved in.

Due to her injuries the woman could barely speak. When officers asked who had attacked her she only responded "Andrew". When officers asked if that was her boyfriend she nodded her head yes.

Officers than requested EMSA care for the woman and while they waited with her, a witness to the scene approached and said she saw and heard what happened. The witness told officers she heard screaming and witnessed Codynah punching and kicking the woman inside another apartment unit.

The witness told police she saw Codynah throw the woman down several times and that he threw an object at her as well. She said she was not sure what he struck her with, but she heard glass break. The whole time the witness said she could hear the victim saying "I love you."

After the assault, the witness said she saw Codynah leave the apartment shortly followed by the injured woman.

Other witnesses on scene told officers that Codynah was still in the area. While searching at the north end of the complex, a child approached the officers and asked if they were looking for "the guy with blood all over him?" The child then pointed officers to an apartment unit.

Officers entered and made contact with Codynah, slumped in a chair and covered in blood. When asked his name he responded "Andrew". Officers then attempted to place Codynah under arrest, but they say he was so intoxicated that he was unable to stand and slurred his speech.

Additional officers later arrived at the apartment complex and helped get Codynah into the back of a squad car.

While searching the apartment where the alleged crime occurred, officers noted large amounts of blood on the floor and walls, as well as a number of tools and other items they believe may have been used during the assault.

Codynah was later booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. No details on a possible bond have been released at this time. No word yet on the condition of the female victim in this case.