Elderly Woman Says Her Apartment Is Infested With Bed Bugs

Thursday, June 5th 2014, 10:50 pm
By: News 9

An 80-year-old Oklahoma City woman called News 9 Thursday, because she says her landlord isn't fulfilling their obligation.

Nancy Nussle's Isola Bella Apartment became infested with bed bugs last year. Isola Bella paid an exterminator to fix the problem, but Nussle says the bed bugs returned recently and says the complex now says she has to pay $400 to fix the problem.

"I just can't deal with it anymore," she sobbed Thursday afternoon inside her apartment.

Bed bug bites were visible on both of Nussle's forearms and her lower legs.

Isola Bella Manager Melissa Wheeler says the bed bugs returned to Nussle's apartment, because her used furniture attracted them.

"We're not heartless," she said.

Wheeler says she pledges to work with Nussle, knowing she is elderly and is living on a fixed income.

"We help everybody," she said.

City County Health Administrator Troy Skow told News 9, "The tenant can be at fault, but the owners are responsible ultimately for the control of insects and rodent control. Bed bug extermination can be very expensive, and many managers have begun putting into their lease agreements that the tenants will be charged for repeat problems."