Program Gives Abandoned Bikes To Children In Pauls Valley

Tuesday, July 1st 2014, 10:42 pm
By: News 9

Abandoned bicycles that have been in storage for years in Pauls Valley are about to be put to good use. With the help of the city and dozens of volunteers, some kids will soon have a new set of wheels.

"We find them, nobody claims them," said Pauls Valley Police Chief, Mitch McGill.

Bicycles have been locked in storage, some for more than 10 years at the Pauls Valley Police Department.

"It's amazing how many bikes we recover that go unreported," said McGill. "New bikes, old bikes, big bikes, little bikes. I mean, it goes across all spectrums."

Now, the abandoned bikes have a rejuvenated future.

"It just seemed like the right idea," said Main Street Pauls Valley Dir., Lindsay Temple.

There's an effort by 'Main Street Pauls Valley' Director Lindsay Temple and the Toy and Action Figure Museum to refurbish dozens of unwanted bicycles, and give them to children who want to see their summer on two wheels.

"Just a little bit of time, a little bit of money, a little bit of know-how," said Temple.

"They're going to need chains, brakes, some of them will need new seats, new handle grips," said volunteer, Brian Black, also a member of the Valley Velo Bike club.

After 90-days, the bikes are no longer anyone's property so the city deems them "surplus items."

"There are a lot of kids that would love to have a bike and their family is just not financially able to provide one for them, and every kid needs a bike in the summer," said Shari Kendall.

Shari Kendall with Angel Tree will help get the bikes connected to the right kids.

"We want to give away as many as we can give in good working order," said Kendall.

Lindsay Temple says they'd also love to give away a helmet with each bike this summer.

If you'd like to help, call Main Street Pauls Valley, at 405-238-2555.