Edmond Police Bust Suspected Drug House

Wednesday, July 2nd 2014, 10:32 pm
By: News 9

By Joleen Chaney

Edmond police go through some pretty interesting measures to get inside a home suspected of being a drug house.

Detectives rummaged through a trash can outside the home for what they needed to get inside with a search warrant.

Nobody was at the home when News 9 stopped by, and Edmond police say whoever lives there is out of the country and can't be arrested. They may be out of reach, but the search warrant for the home is public record.

Police were tipped off after they received information the residents were "using and selling large amounts of marijuana."

Detectives contacted the Edmond sanitation department to go through the trash canister located in the driveway of the home. In the trash, they found marijuana residue, the names of the people who live at the residence and obtained a search warrant. Their search went from the trash to another area of waste - the bathroom inside the home.

According to court records, they found pounds of pot hidden "on top of a cabinet unit above the toilet." Investigators also found paraphernalia including a "water bottle made into a homemade smoking pipe."

In addition to drugs and bongs, authorities discovered a "receipt from Marijuana Warehouse in Denver" and a copy of a book entitled "Sea of Green Perpetual Harvest." The book is a step-step guide claiming to have easy to follow directions on how to grow marijuana.

However, some people think their neighbors may have been selling more than a green harvest.

"Actually, I saw them selling some white powders in front of here," said one neighbor. "They'd come out and give them powder and take the money."

The duplex is located only a few blocks away from an elementary school and just a stone's throw from a college.

"It's terrible," said another neighbor. "The school is like right down the street."

The search warrant was filed in district court, and police officials told News 9 that out-of-state custody charges will be filed.