Bricktown Design Committee Looks At Plans For The 'Bricktown Flyer'

Wednesday, July 9th 2014, 9:51 pm
By: News 9

New details surrounding a 220-foot amusement ride that may go up in the middle of Bricktown.

It's an idea making its way through the Bricktown Urban Design Committee.

It's supposed to be impressive from the ground and a thrilling experience from over 200 feet in the air, but first, the Bricktown Design committee has to be convinced that the patch of land is the right spot for the amusement ride.

"It would be unique that’s for sure," Bricktown visitor, Taylor Snodgrass, said.

"I would compare it just to having like ferris wheels in other cities," said Bricktown visitor Maria Martin. "I’ve seen them downtown."

At 220 feet in the air, 12 passenger vehicles will seat two people each, giving riders an unsurpassed view of downtown Oklahoma City.

"Just had the idea, you know, seeing a grassy area, and thinking what needs to go there," Brandon Arthur, a Petroleum Land man at Drovers Trail Land Co., said.

For the past year, Arthur has had an interesting vision.

"It’s a very simple idea, a very simply idea, and that district is catering to entertainment," said Arthur. "I just want it to specifically cater more to family entertainment."

At the northwest corner of Mickey Mantel and Reno, across from Bricktown Ballpark, is where Brandon wants to build the "Bricktown Flyer," but he said some Bricktown Design Committee members are worried the ride won't fit in the district.

"I think a big part of it is, and I knew it going in, that I can’t build it out of brick. It’s a metal tower. So, I think that was one little draw back that they’re considering," said Arthur. "It’s a classy ride that will look good in the skyline. It’s not a cheap carnival ride."

The total investment to get the ride up and operating would be around $2.5 million.

"It could also turn into something that people could reference...'Hey, meet me by the big swirly glowing thing up there,'" said Oklahoma City resident Rick Thompson.

"I’d come down all the time, like every day," Rick’s daughter, Taylor Thompson, said.

Arthur still has a long way to go, but he's pushing to get the "Bricktown Flyer" up and running by next spring.

We’ll keep you posted.