Choctaw Homeowners Catch Suspect On Camera Breaking Into Cars

Wednesday, August 13th 2014, 10:32 pm
By: News 9

Caught on camera not once but multiple times by people in several metro neighborhoods, after they say a man is prowling around their homes and stealing things. It happened near I-40 and Choctaw Road.

You see surveillance video all the time, but imagine if it was your house.

“It doesn't sit well with me,” Beth Dean said.

Dean said when her husband went outside to his car Wednesday morning for work he thought his kids may have gotten inside and made a mess.

“When he opened up the car door, there was stuff all over the place,” she said.

A check of the security cameras showed somebody else.

“I caught him coming across my yard and into my driveway,” said Dean. “I saw him open up my door.”

The suspect even turned on the dome lights, so he could see better, rummaging around looking for something to catch his eye. When he was finished, he walked right over to the next house.

However, Dean's house wasn't the first stop. The young suspect hit several neighbors in the neighborhood and surrounding ones including Cade Hill's house. He, too, caught the guy on camera.

“You can see him head up to our neighbor's driveway and start checking their car doors, and, of course, they were locked,” said Hill. “So, he came over to my house and checked our car doors and couldn't get in either.”

A few miles away, another family caught the same suspect on the same night doing the same thing. This time, the suspect got away with a GPS and a peach-colored polo shirt from a vehicle. His actions may be done in the dark, but people around here are shedding a lot of light on the mystery man and even posting snapshots of him on Facebook.

“It's flat out not right,” said Hill. “Everybody in here works hard for what they have, and for somebody to think they can come in here and just take it from us is just wrong.”

The area has a Choctaw mailing address but is within the Oklahoma City Police Department's jurisdiction. 

News 9 contacted the Choctaw Police Department, and they told us there has been no arrest. 

People on social media have identified who they think the suspect is, but, so far, nobody by that name has been booked into the Oklahoma County jail.