Chickasha Police Chief Resigns After Controversial Facebook Post

Thursday, August 21st 2014, 7:01 pm
By: News 9

A controversial Facebook post leads to Chickasha Police Chief Eddie Adamson's resignation.

In a letter to the Chickasha city manager, in which Adamson submitted his resignation, the chief made it clear he was doing so with mixed emotions.

"He felt his effectiveness would be reduced," explained City Manager Stewart Fairburn, "so he thought it would be best to resign."

Fairburn accepted Adamson's resignation, following a week-long outcry over a video the chief shared on Facebook. Accompanying the video was a caption that included a racial slur. In his resignation letter, Adamson claimed he shared the post inadvertently.

Fairburn says he told the chief he should have been more careful, "because your name is now matter what your intention or knowledge about it [was]."

Adamson acknowledged the timing of the mistake was particularly damaging to his ability to continue as police chief, given the heightened racial tensions nationally, following the shooting in Ferguson, Mo.

"It's a lesson for everyone," said Fairburn, "especially those in public office, because we are held to a proper high level standard."

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A sergeant in the Chickasha police department, serving under Adamson, also felt the posting was inappropriate and sent a letter saying as much to City Manager Fairburn. In the letter, which was signed by many others, including representatives of the NAACP, the sergeant said he believed immediate action was needed "to be taken against the chief for using the ‘n' word."

"The many years he has been in law enforcement," said the NAACP's Dr. R.P.Ashanti-Alexander, “there should have been understanding of the need to self-monitor and the understanding of the impact of social media -- certain things you just don't do.”

Those offended by the post applaud Adamson's decision to resign, and hope it will help restore confidence in city leadership.

“It was the honorable thing to do,” said Ashanti-Alexander.

Adamson apologized to the officers on the force and said, over his career, he never tolerated prejudicial behavior in his department.

The president of the Chickasha chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police, John Young, told News 9 they have had other concerns with Adamson, in addition to the recent Facebook post.

Adamson has not yet returned our calls for comment.