Disabled Vet's Motorcycle Stolen In NW OKC

Saturday, August 23rd 2014, 11:57 pm
By: News 9

Gone overnight, a disabled veteran in Northwest OKC says he parked his motorcycle in his yard after work, and it was gone by morning. Police told him he wasn't the only victim.

Eric Campbell just retired from the U.S. Army two months ago after he was injured. He got his bike to save on gas and was stunned someone stole it.

"I worked long and hard for that bike, so I can spend more on my family rather than on gasoline,” Campbell said.

A shiny 2004 blue and black Harley Davidson sportster disappeared from Campbell's front yard Friday morning.

"I thought this was a safe neighborhood I grew up in this house," he said.

Campbell parked his bike on the side of his home as he always did.

"I noticed my bike was not where I left it, so I checked and checked around the house and checked the garage, but nope, bike's completely gone."

It wasn't until Campbell called Oklahoma City Police, when he learned he wasn't the only one, there were five motorcycles stolen from his neighborhood near Northwest 26th and Meridian.

"At first I thought well maybe it's an isolated incident, somebody just saw it like oooh I got to have it, but no, you're going to take from other people, one's not enough, you have to take everybody else's," he said.

Campbell's bike had a custom cushion seat to support his back that he injured when he fell off a tower in the military.

The motorcycle was how Campbell got to work each day to provide for his wife and one-year-old son.

"To go to someone's house where they think they're safe and steal their means to be able to go and make money to provide for their family, you got to be really low to do that," he said.

Campbell said he's checked on Craig's List and other sites to see if his bike has shown up, but he hasn't seen it.

He also says police told him they don't have any leads so far in the string of thefts.