Edmond Police Say They Are Seeing Increase In Daytime DUI's

Tuesday, September 2nd 2014, 6:42 pm

Edmond police are reporting an increase in daytime DUI's, but officers say many of those arrested aren't the usual suspects.

Five years ago, an Edmond Police officer patrolling the streets during the middle of the day would have been surprised to hear a DUI call. Not anymore.

“I think I've seen four or five reports, just through the reports from last month, of people who have been impaired at 11 o'clock in the morning, 6 a.m., or four or five o'clock in the afternoon,” said Sgt. Acey Hopper with the Edmond Police Department.

Hopper says none of those were what you would call your typical DUI: someone who drank too much then got behind the wheel.

“Those are all impaired drivers on drugs of some sort.”

Hopper says he sees drivers high on the typical drugs including synthetic marijuana, like K2, but also prescription pills. Drivers may not have even realized they were impaired until the drugs kicked in and they were already on the road.

“Like we do for alcohol, use a designated driver maybe if you're on medication,” he recommends. “Find a friend or family member to drive you as opposed to trying to drive yourself.”