My 2 Cents: Give More Cyclists More Room As They Ride

Monday, September 8th 2014, 10:47 pm
By: News 9

As I've gotten older I've been looking for lower impact sports I can participate in to stay in shape. For the last four months I've been riding a bicycle, not fast mind you, but steady and I've really come to love it. I enjoy the scenery, the breeze, and the camaraderie with other cyclists.

This weekend I took part in organized ride in north Edmond along with a couple hundred other cyclists, and afterward was stunned to hear that one of them had been hit by a car, and is tonight recovering in the hospital.

I talked to him about an hour ago. He's in good spirits even though he has some spinal injuries.

Folks, as the Baby Boomer generation ages, I think you're going to see more of us enjoying cycling. That's why Oklahoma City is investing so much money in bike trails, but a lot of riders prefer to get out on the back roads and put in 50, 60, 70 miles in one day.

And yes, some cyclists will be traversing busier streets, to get to those back roads, some of us are connecting to other trails, some are even riding to work.

Give them more than a couple of feet as you pass and absolutely don't honk at them; that could cause them to fall in front of you. They have a right to be on the road. That's why those ‘share the road' signs are posted everywhere.

Surely, slowing down for 30 seconds won't ruin your day.