Oklahoman Remembers 9/11 At The Pentagon

Thursday, September 11th 2014, 10:26 pm
By: News 9

A Midwest City man who was working in the Pentagon when a terrorist-controlled plane slammed into the building 13 years ago Thursday says he still thinks about it every day. 

Chuck Boso said he had been working in the outer ring of the Pentagon just 15 minutes before it was hit. In other words, he narrowly escaped being the 185th person killed in the Pentagon that day. 

He said America needs to be very wary of Muslims everywhere. 

“I'm not saying all Muslims are bad, but I'm saying ISIS and the people who make up ISIS are Muslim, and to say they're not is an out and out lie,” said Boso. “They are out to kill infidels, Americans, anybody who doesn't believe in their way of thinking, they're out to kill them.” 

Adam Soltani directs the local Council on American Islamic Relations. He says terrorists who killed thousands during 9/11 and groups like ISIS have bastardized Islam. 

“Our faith was hijacked for lack of a better term," said Soltani. "It was abused, it was adultered and it was taken and used in vain, when our faith does not represent violence, it does not represent the taking of innocent lives.”