Your 2 Cents: Adrian Peterson Child Injury Allegations

Wednesday, September 17th 2014, 10:35 pm
By: News 9

Some Adrian Peterson supporters were furious that I came down so hard on him last night for his "I'm not a perfect parent" comment. He has multiple kids by multiple women he's not married to, and I'm frankly sick of seeing the damage to children from fatherless homes.

John from Edmond agreed:

"He should stop having children and learn to be a father to the one's he has."

But Dona from Norman wrote:

"Kelly, I usually agree with your two cents however tonight you went too far with your judgment. Adrian having several children has nothing to do with how he treats them.”

Dona, I think it does. The better we know our children, the better we know how to handle them.

Lamont with a shot at me:

"Whose business is it how many kids he has? I'm glad he knows he isn't a perfect parent and is seeking psychological help. I hope you do too."

Kendra wrote:

"Every statement you made was completely valid. Time to be responsible!"

Most of you agreed with me, like Lefty from Stillwater:

"You nailed this one, Kelly! There is a generation of men who run from their responsibilities and Adrian Peterson could be the spokesperson for them!"

Phil in Edmond added:

"I couldn't agree more! Adrian Peterson may be a father, but he certainly isn't a parent!"

And finally Victoria wrote:

"And just like that I'll be watching News 9 tonight at ten for the news Bravo Kelly! BRAVO!"

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