New Arrests In Arson, Robbery Case That Resulted In 7-Year-Old's Death

Friday, September 19th 2014, 6:04 pm
By: News 9

According to court records, it was cell phone records that police just obtained that led them to arrest both of these two new suspects. Turns out, the two are friends with the other two people already in jail for the crime and even helped them carry it out.

Police arrested 25-year-old Claudia Cadena at her place of employment Thursday. And they then pulled over and arrested her boyfriend, 20-year-old Albert Barboza, during a traffic stop this morning.

Both are now being held in connection with the death of 7-year-old Adrian Avalos, who died of his injuries after the home he was left alone in was broken into, robbed and then set on fire.

It was in April of last year that friends and family gathered on the front lawn to pay their respects.

His Uncle Reyes even made him a make shift memorial.

“I'm really sad,” said Bernabe Reyes that sad day last April. “We loved this kid like he was my child.”

More than a year later, only a few things remain from that makeshift memorial -- an angel and a message that shows the little boy who used to live here is gone, but not forgotten.

The house is abandoned and boarded up. And legal proceedings continue against both Adrian's mother and her boyfriend.

Noemi Lopez and Antonio Guillen are facing charges of child neglect in this case.

Court papers state it was Guillen's ex-wife Paulina Cruz who came up with the idea to burglarize the house and then set in on fire as an act of retaliation and revenge.

She enlisted the help of Julio Nevarez, Claudia Cadena and Albert Barboza to carry out the crime.

The new court papers filed Thursday state the two women acted as lookouts, while the men broke into the house.

And they state Cruz was actually angered by the fact that the house was at first not set on fire, and that Nevarez then returned to the house and used a lighter and some lighter fluid to set the living room on fire inside the home.

Those court papers also state none of the suspects knew the 7-year-old boy was home alone at the time.

All four now face charges of first degree burglary, arson and murder.