Norman Water Smells, But Safe To Drink

Thursday, September 25th 2014, 8:32 am
By: News 9

It's a struggle to improve the taste and smell of the water coming from your kitchen sink or shower. We've had several viewers call us here at News 9 to ask why their tap water smells and tastes funny.

Turns out, it's nothing dangerous. It has to do with the changing of the seasons as we go from summer to fall.

Our partners at the Journal Record did some digging into this and found when temperatures outside drop into the 50s at night but warm up during the day, colder water at the surface sinks, stirring up organic matter at the bottom of reservoirs.

This can change the odor and taste of water, but it isn't harmful.

A majority of the complaints we've received lately have come from Norman. But we know this is a problem that happens almost every year to several cities.

The Journal Record say some cities are taking steps to prevent it from happening. For example, in Norman, the city has rented carbon filtration equipment to reduce the musty affect you see in your water. In Oklahoma City, an ozone treatment system is already being used.

Again, they stress the water is safe to consume. It's just unpleasant.