Warr Acres Residents Upset Over Upside Down American Flag

Tuesday, September 30th 2014, 10:27 pm
By: News 9

One thing we know about Oklahomans is we don't like anyone messing with the American flag. However, residents on the 500 block of NW 56th Street in Warr Acres got an unwelcome surprise. 

A man who lives in a rental home erected two flag poles last Thursday. He flew a Peruvian National flag and an American flag. However, the American flag was upside down. 

Several neighbors, including 80-year-old Army veteran Raymond Swart noticed. 

“That person that's flying that flag upside down, what has he done to justify living in this country?” He said. 

We waited all day Tuesday for the man who lives in the home to come home. He never did. Eventually two other neighbors, including a Vietnam veteran, showed up with a ladder, and fixed the flag. 

While they didn't want to go on camera or be identified, one of them told me he was tired of “all the attention.”