Authorities Investigate Metro Haunted House Assaults

Friday, October 10th 2014, 7:26 pm
By: News 9

Police said they are investigating a series of assaults they believe went on at a metro haunted house. So far they said one victim has come forward, but they suspect there are others. Police were called to a haunted house known as 'The Sanctuary' in downtown Oklahoma City, but the case is still under investigation.

You can hear the howling from the road, but inside police said they believe much more was going on when they say a group of college kids showed up here not to be scared, but to scare other people and to assault them.

Like any typical haunted house it was dark inside when the rowdy crew showed up and the alleged incident happened, but police did make an arrest. Samuel Hogan was picked up and charged with assault and battery. It's a misdemeanor city charge, but one Oklahoma City police said they don't take lightly.

The victim is a 15-year-old girl who was dressed in costume, and allegedly punched in the face by Hogan.

“He made contact with that person, light contact by touching and then he assaulted that person by hitting him in the face," Oklahoma City Police Captain Dexter Nelson said.

The police report said witnesses told officers there were "college students in the haunted house hitting the actors,” and police believe it happened more than once.

"We have reason to believe based on witnesses that there are other people that were assaulted that night by a group of college students that went to the haunted house apparently with the purpose of also committing these assaults," Nelson said.

The haunted house has a disclaimer on The Sanctuary website warning visitors, "You will not be grabbed or harmed by any of our actors and you are not allowed to grab or harm them either."

"In making contact with the participants, you can be charged if you're involved in an assault or something of this nature while going through a haunted house,” Nelson said.

News 9 spoke to Hogan by phone, but he said he wouldn't say anything without his attorney. As for the girl, News 9 talked to her mother, and she says her daughter's face is swollen, and she has cuts inside her mouth. She also stated her daughter is and will be seeking counseling.