91-Year-Old OK Nursing Home Resident Goes Skydiving

Friday, October 17th 2014, 9:00 pm
By: News 9

As you age, you start to have a good idea of who you are. "I guess I'm just not normal," said nursing home resident Lucille Cheetham.

For most of her years, Lucille Cheetham's identity was airports, airplanes and even welding airplanes during World War II.

"I was a flight instructor. I did ... flew airplanes all over the country for a private outfit," said Lucille.

What's even more not normal, she has even jumped out of a plane 14 times.

News 9 could never figure out why. "Don't ask me that, that's just part of me," said Lucille.


But to take it one leap further, Lucille decided it was time to skydive one last time at age 91.

There was only one problem. "It takes money and I don't have money," said Lucille.

"Every time we'd come around, she'd say ‘I'd love to jump again,'" said friend Alice Hicks.

So, friend Alice Hicks took care of the whole money issue.

"I thought I'd just give it a try so I just went on Facebook," said Alice.

From there, modern technology took flight.

Alice raised just enough money to get Lucille in a plane only to jump out if it, for the first time in 64 years.

"We managed to make it possible for Lucille to have a wish," said Alice.

“You can imagine how much I appreciate it," said Lucille.

Those emotions heavily outweighed nerves.

About 10,000 feet below, friends and fellow residents anxiously awaited her arrival just on the east lawn of her nursing home. They were all watching Lucille add to her legacy.

"I guess I was a little surprised but this sounds like Lucille … it's just the way she is," said one of Lucille's friends.

"It was nothing like my other jumps ... yeah, what made it different, well we came down a lot softer for one thing ... a lot softer."

Lucille said she may be ready to jump again when she's 100.