Ada Man Charged Following Death Of 2-Year-Old Son

Monday, October 20th 2014, 10:33 pm
By: News 9

A 2-year-old child is dead, and police said they believe his father smothered him as the two slept.

Neighbors said a tight knit family lives at the home, but a police report told a different story when one of the family members told officers, "Get that man out of my house. He is drunk, and I don't want him here. He is passed out in there, and he smothered that child."

That child was a 2-year-old little boy and investigators said they believe he was smothered to death by his father, 25-year-old Terrence Jones. Jones and his toddler son were visiting relatives when several people started drinking including Jones.

"He got so drunk to the point that he passed out on top of him and probably ultimately caused his death,” Ada Police Detective Kathi Johnston said.

The boy was last seen about 3:30 a.m. on Saturday and was still breathing when one of his relatives covered him up with a blanket. However, about two hours later he wasn't breathing.

"At about five o'clock in the morning one of the uncles awoke and was going to go to the restroom, walked into the living room and saw that the child was in an awkward position,” Johnston said.

That family member told police Jones was slumped over onto the child, and he could see the boy's legs sticking out from under Jones and that he rolled him off the boy.

"He was unresponsive and not breathing whenever we arrived at the residence,” Johnston said.

While medical crews were working on the little boy, police said Jones did not budge from the couch, and officers had to kick his feet, yell his name and shine flashlights into his face to get his attention.

"He had no idea what was going on,” Johnston said. “He was still passed out on the couch."

Jones was booked into jail. His family said they will talk once they get an attorney, but until then told News 9 they don't want anything reported.

"If it is then I'm going to come after everybody, and I'm not talking about lawyers,” a family member said.

The Pontotoc County District Attorney told News 9 child neglect charges were filed Monday and may be amended to second degree murder.