Court Records Show Stillwater Sword Murder Suspect's Troubled Past

Friday, October 31st 2014, 11:32 pm
By: News 9

New details were revealed in the Stillwater sword murder that left a teenager nearly decapitated.

News 9 got a clearer picture Friday night of the suspect and his childhood.

Isaiah Marin has a troubled past. According to a blog written by his own brother and confirmed through court records, their father was murdered in 1998 in San Antonio, Texas and their mother Dianna Marin was convicted of conspiracy to commit the murder.

In a blog written by 21-year-old Isaiah Marin's brother, 17-year-old Malachi Marin, he talked about some disturbing details of his family's past.

He said their father was murdered in their childhood home in San Antonio, and wrote, "When my mom told us, it was kinda surprising because my whole life I always thought that he was like a superhero and superheroes don't just die."

Malachi also talked about growing up in an abusive home.

Isaiah Marin and his brother were playing cards Wednesday afternoon. Jacob Crockett, 19, was watching when police said Isaiah used a sword to nearly sever Jacob's head.

“He had admitted that he had fantasized about committing multiple homicides, and his victim being one of his intended targets,” said Capt. Randy Dickerson with Stillwater police.

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Isaiah called 911, and admitted to the slaying. A portion of the call is transcribed below.

Isaiah Marin: “I'm not going to do anything stupid.”

911 Operator: “I know you're not going to do anything stupid. You're going to work with me here, okay. What are you wearing.”

Isaiah Marin: “I'm the guy with the phone on the highway!”

911 Operator: “We're receiving reports the suspect is westbound on foot covered with blood.”

Several witnesses saw Isaiah running down Highway 51 after leaving his apartment on the west side of Stillwater..

Witness: “He's carrying a big ass sword with him. He's on the phone yelling.”

“I catch myself thinking about what happened, what lead up to it, and it's really hard,” said close friend, Antriana Wright.

Wright thought back on their relationship and her friends past. The two were preparing to move in together.

“The last time I spoke to him, I had no idea, and didn't notice any signs that this was coming at all,” said Wright.

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Isaiah Marin is currently being held at the Payne county jail without bond.