OKC Police Search For Man Who Robbed Delivery Driver At Gunpoint

Thursday, November 6th 2014, 6:31 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Police are looking for a masked man who held up a delivery driver at the Braum's near SW 39th and Penn., overnight Saturday.

The driver was delivering some milk in the middle of the night when he was approached from behind while trying to get back into his truck. And surveillance cameras outside the store captured the whole thing.

The robber sneaks up on the delivery driver after he locks the store. Then, just as he's about to get back into his truck, the robber pulls out his gun and starts pointing it at him.

From the surveillance footage it appears that the robber is young He is covering part of his face with a green bandana. But he gets nervous and starts running back and forth, making sure he doesn't get caught, all the while demanding money from the driver.

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And then, just to show the driver he's serious about the holdup, he walks right back up to the truck and points the gun directly at the driver's head, forcing the driver to hand over his wallet.

According to the police report, the robber then forces the driver out of the truck and tells him to get down on the ground. He then tells him to count to one hundred before walking away.

The driver thinks the suspect ran to the nearby apartment complex, which is located just half a block away from the Braum's in question.

On Thursday on our News 9 Facebook page, a young woman claiming to be the driver's daughter wrote this about the surveillance video, stating: “This is my dad that got robbed, makes me cry watching this. Thank the Lord he was not hurt.”

In the end, all that the robber got away with was a wallet with $6 in cash and a few debit and credit cards. But police really want to catch him before he hurts somebody.

If you have information, call Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.