New Details Surrounding Recent Arrests In 'Cathouse' Murders

Thursday, November 6th 2014, 11:02 pm
By: News 9

New details reveal what led investigators to two new suspects in the so-called "Cathouse" murders.

Four people, including two pregnant women, were shot, stabbed and set on fire inside a Southwest OKC home in 2009. One of those victims, Brooke Phillips, starred in the HBO Cathouse brothel series. Eye opening details have come to light from a man already serving life in prison for the murders.

US Marshals arrested Russell Hogshooter and Jonathan Cochran Wednesday. However, back in July Oklahoma City Police detectives traveled to a correctional facility in Maryland and spoke with a man named David Tyner by his request.

Tyner is serving a life sentence for the deaths in this case, and another man, Denny Phillips, is awaiting trial. Court documents state Tyner told detectives "the night before the homicides occurred, Denny Phillips told (him) that he wanted him to go to OKC to take care of some Indian Brotherhood business, as well as go to (the) house to see if a drug/money shipment had arrived."

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The day of the murders Tyner said he rode to Oklahoma City with two Native American men named "John" and a man named Russell Hogshooter and that they both had guns. Documents state Phillips told Tyner that the other two subjects were going to come through the backdoor, and they were to kill and rob "one of the people who lived there" and that "if he did not follow through he would have his family killed."

However, the person they were after, Casey Barrientos, wasn't alone when he showed up and was with two women. Court documents state "Tyner said he shot and killed Barrientos and then shot and killed" the women.

He also said Hogshooter and “John” had been shooting and later had bloody knives. Tyner said he saw Brooke Phillips lying on the floor bleeding from her head and neck. That's when he told detectives Hogshooter told him to get in the car.

He said "Hogshooter poured gas into the house and lit it on fire" and that he, Hogshooter and “John” drove away and that "Hogshooter buried the pistols and burned their clothing."

Another man also came forward claiming his brother in law, John Cochran, told him years ago he was involved in the crime. Between both Tyner and Cochran's brother-in-law, authorities had enough evidence to make the two additional arrests.