Norman Hostage Recounts Being Held At Gunpoint

Tuesday, November 11th 2014, 5:45 pm
By: News 9

News 9 heard from one of the hostages involved in a more than 4-hour standoff in Norman.

The suspect, Devin Rogers, is being held without bond.

Rogers held one victim, Joe Steadman, at gunpoint for more than 10 minutes.

Security cameras showed Rogers hiding behind a nearby bush for 10 to 15 minutes.

He then sprinted to the parking lot and grabbed Steadman, and put a pistol to the back of his neck.

"I asked him, ‘Do you want money? What are your demands?' and all he said was, ‘More people' in just the evilest [sic], creepiest voice you could imagine," said Steadman.

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Steadman was just returning from lunch when grabbed by Rogers, who forced him inside using Steadman's key card access. A secretary at the front desk was the first to see the encounter.

"I told her, ‘Call 911 I'm a hostage here,'" said Steadman.

From there, Rogers forced Steadman into the elevator.

Rogers wanted roof top access. But because of the building security, Steadman only had access to the second floor where his web development office is located.

"The doors closed, I said, ‘I have a young family please don't kill me.' He said, ‘If I wanted to kill you would already be dead,'" said Steadman.

So Rogers held Steadman hostage, gun still to his neck. Rogers still wanted more people, but the lunch hour meant the second floor was nearly vacant, until Rogers led Steadman to a locked glass door. Behind the door sat the three eventual hostages, including Jennifer Shokat and Daymon Capers.

"He started beating on the glass with his gun it wouldn't shatter ‘cause it was really heavy glass," said Steadman.

Rogers decided to shoot.

"Let me go enough to put both hands on the gun and started shooting and I just ran and booked," said Steadman.

Steadman kept running the nearly 20 feet to his office, all while gun shots rang out behind him.

He then called 911, barricaded himself in his office and waited until SWAT teams took him to his family.

"Scariest moment of my life to being with my wife and daughter and it was good," said Steadman.

The other hostage, Daymon Capers, provided a statement to News 9. It read in part:

"I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of prayers and support for myself and family during this emotional time. I am so thankful that the events that took place at the Nextep Building here in Norman, ended peaceful without anyone getting hurt. The outcome could have been so different. Jennifer was so courageous and brave dealing with the gunman, she did such a great job and deserves recognition for her skills in dealing with the situation."