Bond Denied For Norman Hostage Suspect

Friday, November 14th 2014, 5:57 pm
By: News 9

A judge determined the alleged Norman gunman, Devin Rogers, will be held without bond.

The decision came down Friday in a Cleveland County courtroom.

Court officials said Rogers faces six charges, including two felony counts of kidnapping for extortion.

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The court recognized the serious nature of Rogers alleged crime, but the defense argued what friends and family have repeatedly told News 9; this man, with no criminal history is not a mad-man, but a broken man.

"We basically wasted our time this morning. He can't make bond and I don't think he would even if he could," said attorney David Smith.

Putting the irrelevance of his bond hearing aside, Devin Rogers' pro-bono defense team said it wanted the spotlight on Rogers mental health.

In Friday's hearing Sam Talley and David Smith revealed Rogers has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as well as other mental health issues.

Officials said he is also not currently taking any medication.

Rogers' friends and family as well as his hostage, Jennifer Shokat who said, "He was polite, he cared for my wellbeing the entire time," were the first to say Rogers, the 10-year Army veteran, needed help.

"He does have some support system waning on him, this is what this case is about trying to get Devin to realize that," said Sam Talley, one of Rogers' attorneys.

Rogers' attorneys also addressed the issue that Rogers told his former roommate that he was a prisoner of war in Afghanistan. Federal documents showed that claim was false. The scars on his neck were from attempted suicide in 2012.

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"Just a fish story he told to explain his scars and cover his embarrassment and shame in trying to take his own life. He's not happy about it, he's upset," said Rogers' defense team.

The judge admitted Rogers' story was compelling. But due to the violent nature of his alleged crime and the six felony charges he faces including two counts of kidnapping for extortion, Rogers will be held without bond.

As for the question on whether Rogers is mentally competent to go forward with proceedings, the defense said it's still too early to tell.