Former OKC Officer Federally Indicted For Training People To Beat Polygraph Test

Monday, November 17th 2014, 6:29 pm

A former Oklahoma City police officer was federally indicted for training people to beat a lie-detector test. Government prosecutors said he was obstructing justice by helping people conceal crimes.

During his nearly 10 years as an Oklahoma City police officer, Doug Williams said he administered thousands of polygraph tests for not only the police department but the FBI and Secret Service. But since then he has become a very outspoken crusader against polygraph tests, and said he believes that's why he's being targeted.

Williams has never made a secret about what he does. On his web site,, he advertises he will teach you how to "pass a polygraph test." And over the last several decades, he's appeared on numerous national and international programs talking about why the tests don't work.

But Williams was indicted on five federal counts of obstructing justice and mail fraud after prosecutors said he trained two undercover agents to lie on a polygraph test to conceal criminal activity.

News 9 introduced you to Williams back in August of 2013 when he first learned he was being investigated, and had a theory why.

“Two or three months ago, I wrote this book I rubbed it in their face,” he said back then.

At the advice of his attorney, Williams said he can't say much now about the indictment, but posted this statement on his web site: 

"This is simply an attack on my First Amendment right to free speech. This indictment was brought to punish and silence me because I have the audacity to protest the use of the polygraph."

The indictment was filed in district court in Oklahoma, but handed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in Washington D.C. A spokesperson for the DOJ said they can't comment on the case beyond the indictment. If convicted, Williams could face 20 years in prison for each of the five counts.