Police Investigating Sexual Assault Allegations At Choctaw Middle School

Wednesday, November 19th 2014, 11:26 pm
By: News 9

An alleged assault inside a locker room at Choctaw Middle School launches a police investigation.

News 9 was contacted by parents about the matter and we were given an audio recording of a meeting about it that happened between school officials and parents with children in the wrestling program.

"The welfare of your kids are paramount, and we're going to protect them the best we can with the knowledge that we receive,” Choctaw Public Schools Superintendent Jim McCharen said.

The knowledge school officials received is something they told a crowd of parents they are taking very seriously. It prompted them to call a meeting with parents of the middle school wrestling team, contact police and temporarily remove coaches and students from the program.

"We were very concerned about the nature of the allegations,” McCharen said, “certainly enough that the school and Choctaw Police started an immediate investigation."

The investigation is ongoing and neither the school nor police will confirm much only stating an assault had occurred, and it happened in the wrestling room. One parent in the crowd asked about the situation traveling outside the walls of the meeting.

"Do you expect the media to get this information?" a parent asked.

"I hope not,” Choctaw Police Chief Connie Clay said. “I've had a bad experience with that."

The allegations are not minor, and police won't confirm details of the assault. They are still working on the report.

"It will be submitted to the district attorney's office,” Clay said. “Once there they are to decide what further actions to go in that aspect of it."

Parents tell News 9 the incident involved boys on the team allegedly holding one boy down and assaulting him.

"The seriousness of the allegations are something we as a school district by law and by our own standards we're going to react and do the right thing,” McCharen said.

News 9 contacted both the police department and the school, but neither released much information about the incident.