Hidden Treasures: Expert Offers Tips On Selling Your Valuables

Friday, November 21st 2014, 10:12 am
By: News 9

Christmas is around the corner and we're determined to get you some extra cash in your pockets. The best place to start may be where you are right now.

Andrea Decker admits she's got a lot of stuff in her northwest Oklahoma City home. So much, it even caused the floors of her attic to collapse.

Decker wants to sell those stuff online to pay off a $4,000 credit card bill. But before they get started, organizational expert Valerie Riley asks her and all her clients one question.

“You have to set a goal. Do you wanna make money or do you want to get rid of your stuff?” said Riley.“If you want to make money, you have to make sure you have plenty of time to get your goal or income you're trying to make off it. If you wanna get rid of your stuff and the money is secondary, I say don't even waste your time.”

Decker is between jobs, so the goal is money, and she's ready to invest the next six to nine months. Silver flatware passed down from Decker's grandmother has the potential to fetch a couple thousand dollars, but needs to be appraised by a reputable jeweler.

Antique books can also be taken to antique stores. Sales of scrapbook supplies already total more than $1,300 on Ebay. And for vintage items, Riley said to use website Etsy.com.

We checked back with Decker, and in just three weeks, she's made $2,000 and is halfway to her goal.

Riley said the top items in a house that can grab some extra cash: appliances, kitchen supplies like crockpots and microwaves, furniture, vacuums and high-end clothes, shoes and purses. There are sites dedicated just for women willing to pay up.

Riley said the one thing you think will make some cash but never does: an old engagement or wedding ring. Many websites are full of them and many don't sell. That's because buyers are more likely to buy a new one even if it costs slightly more than yours. Of course, something antique or vintage has potential to get more money.