Red Dirt Diaries: Rebuilding A Barn Rehabilitates A Dad

Friday, November 21st 2014, 6:31 pm
By: Karl Torp

A Yukon man's dream of building a barn was fulfilled with the help of his daughter after a terrible accident.

Robert Treece said he wanted the barn to be enjoyed by his family and generations to come.

But during construction in March of 2013, Robert had a life changing accident.

He fell from the second story of the barn to the concrete below.

"I don't remember the accident at all," said Treece, who suffered a brain injury.

Doctors had their doubts that Robert would ever fully recover.

That's when Robert's daughter pledged to finish the project by overseeing construction herself.

"Construction just wasn't her thing," said Treece about his daughter, Maree.

But Maree did everything from finishing the floors inside, to running the front loader outside.

Meanwhile, Robert was learning to how to walk and talk again.

After a little while, his rehabilitation included jobs at the barn.

"We kept pushing forward and kept encouraging him," said Maree Treece.

"It's rehab on steroids," said Robert Treece.

Robert has made a miraculous improvement and the barn officially opened this fall.

The McGranahan Barn looks magnificent and has already turned into a popular wedding spot.

"It's such a feeling of satisfaction and happiness that we are here," said Maree Treece.

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