120-Year-Old Del City Barn Could Come Down

Monday, November 24th 2014, 5:26 pm
By: Karl Torp

A Del City man said part of history standing on his property is in the city's cross hairs.

The property owner said if his 120-year-old barn isn't repaired, it may have to be taken down.

Billy Smith owns the barn on the 4000 block of E. Reno in Del City and has lived in the house next door for eight years.

He said he's been fined thousands of dollars for the condition of the barn and said Del City hasn't been helpful when it comes to restoring the structure.

“When I ask them ‘what can I do,' they say ‘I can't talk to you.' Does that sound like someone who is working with you?” asked Smith.

The retired GE worker told News 9, Del City has denied the contractor he hired for the restoration.

Instead, Smith said Del City wants the barn brought up to “brand new specs and code,”

It's something the homeowner said he can't afford.

Del City told News 9 the incident is now part of a "criminal case" and wouldn't say any more.

Smith has hired an attorney to fight the fines and what he called an abuse of power.

“They turned the water off to my house, because they condemned the barn,” said Smith about one mishap.

Smith said he hopes his attorney can help pave the way to repair the barn to Del City's standards without breaking his bank.

“Once history is gone, it's gone,” added Smith.